Curieuse Island

8 hours 30 minutes • 80 Euros / person

You will experience a full day boat tour which starts from Mahe island to Curieuse & St Pierre islands with creole BBQ on the beach amongst the giant tortoises, which are the main attraction of the island. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful coast of Praslin, including Anse Lazio beach and Anse Georgette beach.

Sunset Dinner

2 hours 30 minutes and over • From 170 Euros/ person

Dine with a difference with our sunset dinner cruise. Whether it's a romantic dinner for dinner for two, a fun family evening or a business meeting, join us at 5pm at Marine Charter and sail into the sunset with a welcome drink, followed by a four course meal whilst anchored off St Anne Marine Park, before gently sailing home with an after dinner drink. A premium menu is available including Lobster & Champagne for those extra special occasions!

Fishing Trips

8 hours and over • From 80 euros / person

Fishing in Seychelles is probably one of the best in the world. If you are an experienced fisherman or an amateur who would like to get out there and taste the waters, we offer a large variety of fishing from bottom line fishing to fly fishing in the Amirantes islands.

Min 6 people on overnight trips and 10 people on the day trips.

Please get in touch with our representative to discuss options.

Marine Park

8 hours • From 80 euros/ person

Journey by boat to discover the underwater world of tropical coral reefs at one of the Marine National Parks of Seychelles. You will see an amazing variety of marine life including corals teeming with fish. You can enjoy a delicious Creole lunch, and spend the afternoon swimming or simply lazing in the sun.

Therese Island

8 hours • From 80 euros/ person

You will cruise by the most beautiful part of Mahe the North coast with its beautiful white sandy beaches surrounded by green mountain hills and amazing tropical vegetation.

Once you arrive to the island you will get in to the water to start the snorkeling or you can go on the beach where you can relax and swim around.

Therese island is a very special small exotic island that will capture you with the Beauty.

Praslin & La Digue Islands

8 hours 30 minutes and over • From 80 euros / person

Jump on our luxurious catamaran and sail to the famous islands of Praslin and La Digue.

The sailing takes around 4 hours so you can sit back and relax while enjoying the turquoise views of the waters or perhaps do some long line fishing as we have all the equipment on board. Explore either Praslin or La Digue for 4 hours then enjoy a sunset cruise on the way back to Mahe.

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